Lots of Temporary Tattoos Fake Henna only $4.99

Fund Raising, Event, Party and Stick On Temporary Tattoos

Each Temporary Tattoos Fun Card is approx. 95mmx200mm

Our Temporary Tattoos Fun Cards, Tattoo Papers and Inks-Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003.

The application process is so simply and fast that even school kids can apply and make excellent money at the event. Perfect  for birthday parties, fetes, festivals and fundraising. Our Hi Tech Stick On Type Temporary Tattoos look fabulous on the skin, are Easy, Fast, Safe and Simple to Apply, affordable and FDA Compliant. Applied with water and sponge, they can last up to a week on the skin and can be Instantly removed with any perfume or Baby Oil.


Childrens Temporary Tattoos  Coloured Animals
Tattoo Fun Card 14 Mel
Childrens Temporary Tattoos Celtic Armband Tattoos
Tattoo Fun Card 15 Mel
Childrens Temporary Tattoos Celtic Heart Bands spider owls wolf Tattoos
Tattoo Fun Card 16 Mel
Childrens Temporary Tattoos Rose Band Tattoos
Tattoo Fun Card 17 Mel
Childrens Temporary Tattoos Black Celtic and  Armband Tattoos
Tattoo Fun Card 18 Mel
Childrens Temporary Tattoos Diamond and Money Crowns
Tattoo Fun Card 19 Mel
Childrens Temporary Tattoos  Cheeky Devils
Tattoo Fun Card 20 Mel
Childrens Temporary Tattoos Girl Power Lips Kiss me
Tattoo Fun Card 21 Mel
Childrens Temporary Tattoos Hearts and Stars Tattoos
Tattoo Fun Card 22 Mel
Childrens Temporary Holidays Ice Cream Fun Sun Skate Boards
Tattoo Fun Card 23 Mel
Chrildrens Tattoos Sugar Skulls Day of the Dead Masks
Tattoo Fun Card 24 Mel
Childrens Temporary Tattoos Start Sign lotus Hand Tattoos
Tattoo Fun Card 25 Mel
Childrens Temporary Tattoos Birds and Owls Tattoos
Tattoo Fun Card 26 Mel
Childrens Tattoos Devils and Monsters Tattoos
Tattoo Fun Card 27 Mel
Childrens Tattoos Gangsta Style Cool Tattoos
Tattoo Fun Card 28 Mel
Childrens Tattoos Monster and Gangsta Style Tattoos
Tattoo Fun Card 29 Mel
Liquiskin TM mat-e-fi-r TM Conceals Fake and Creates "Real" Long Last
15ml 50ml
Liquiskin TM Conceals Fake and Creates "Real"
Good Quality Brush for Liquiskin Tattoo Shine Remover
Brush for applying Liquiskin